Be Healthy, Nuya Today!

We are proud to announce Nuya [noo - yah], naturally hydrating coconut water in a packet, specifically designed for the active professional.               Be healthy...Nuya today!

What is Nuya.

Nuya [noo - yah] means coconut in the Trobriand Islands. Coconut water has all of the ingredients needed to hydrate your body – perfectly natural hydration!
Nuya coconut water combines electrolytes (magnesium and potassium) and carbohydrates (tapioca dextrin) to properly hydrate and fuel your body. The tapioca dextrin is a complex carbohydrate for sustainable energy and the natural coconut water gives you proper hydration for your body. The light, natural ingredients makes it easy on the stomach and tastes great for the active person. .

I drank Nuya during my big bike ride up St. Francis Drake, Alpine Dam, and the 7 Sisters yesterday. 10 hill climbs, and it saved me! So refreshing and using electrolyte drinks make me more thirsty, so I was happily surprised that it was way more sustaining.
— Erica Stenz, Trainer